Carmelita-Mirador Circuit


The term Nakbé means “on the road” or “by the road”; It is a city built more than 2,8000 years ago, and it is connected to el Mirador by a 12.5 kilometer long road.
It is located on a hill surrounded by flood zones and was one of the most important sites in the region. It is divided into two sets connected by a causeway, some of its buildings reach 45 m in height and many of them were decorated with masks.

In Nakbe, the main complexes are connected by the Calzada Kan (The Kan Road), which marks the main east-west axis of the city. The Acropolis and the great temples are located at the center of the settlement and in the East part there are spacious public squares associated with the Astronomical Commemoration Complex, the Triadic Pattern and the Ball Game.

The plazas were used as spaces for the representation of political power. The roads, in addition to connecting the sets and plazas, were important for the development of ceremonial marches, in which the symbols of power of their rulers were shown.

The most important occupation is recorded in the Middle Preclassic and although it was abandoned during the Early Classic, some elite groups settled again in the city several centuries later.