The Mayan Jungle Trek

A unique adventure in the heart of the Mayan Jungle

The Carmelita – El Mirador expedition, gives you the unique opportunity to experience the great adventure of traversing the tropical jungle, visiting the impressive Mayan cities that have remained as hidden treasures for more than 22 centuries.

During this adventure you will be accompanied by the inhabitants of Carmelita, who for more than 100 years have lived in harmony with the forest and have a deep knowledge about the forest culture. They will show you the different plant species, as well as the different vines, orchids and will help you see and feel the wonders of the jungle through the sounds of the forest, the howls of the monkeys and the songs of the birds.

Expeditions to El Mirador and neighboring archaeological sites, can be made around five to ten day tours, or depending on the interest and availability of the visitors’ time.

Carmelita-Mirador Tour

5 days

El Mirador Jungle Trek

This 5-days and 4 nights tour gives you the opportunity of experiencing the great adventure of traversing the tropical jungle, while you visit three of the Mayan Cities: El Tintal, La Muerta and El Mirador.

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6 days

Carmelita-Mirador The Deep Adventure

This tour of six days and 5 nights, offers you the unique opportunity to know the most ancient sites of the Mayan world such as Tintal, La Muerta, El Mirador, Nakbe, and La Florida. These sites have been a very important key to understand the origin of the Mayan Civilization.

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8 and 10 days

Rediscovering the Kan Kingdom

We offer you tours of 8 and 10 days traveling through other important sites such as La Muralla, Naachtún and Wakná. Please contact us for more information.

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