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The Carmelita-El Mirador circuit is located in the Northern part of the Maya Biosphere Reserve, crossing the Multiple Use Zone and the Mirador-Río Azul National Park, one of the most important heritage reserves in the world, home to more than 200 cities Mayans in a lush tropical rainforest, home to a great diversity of plants and animals.

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El Mirador Jungle Trek Tour (5 days)

El Tintal

La Muerta

El Mirador

Carmelita-Mirador The Deep Adventure Tour (6 days)

El Tintal

La Muerta

El Mirador


La Florida

Camping Area

Visitors Center


Archaeological reserve

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Archeological site

5 days

El Mirador Jungle Trek

This 5-days and 4 nights tour gives you the opportunity of experiencing the great adventure of traversing the tropical jungle, while you visit three of the Mayan Cities: El Tintal, La Muerta and El Mirador.

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6 days

Carmelita-Mirador The Deep Adventure

This tour of six days and 5 nights, offers you the unique opportunity to know the most ancient sites of the Mayan world such as Tintal, La Muerta, El Mirador, Nakbe, and La Florida. These sites have been a very important key to understand the origin of the Mayan Civilization.

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8 and 10 days

Rediscovering the Kan Kingdom

We offer you tours of 8 and 10 days traveling through other important sites such as La Muralla, Naachtún and Wakná. Please contact us for more information.

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  • Community organization duly registered
  • Qualified staff who are knowledgeable of the jungle
  • Contact point in Flores to assist the visitors since their arrival
  • Base camp in the forest with complete camping equipment and first aid kit
  • Security guarantee for visitors during the tour
  • Sustainable development


We manage your arrival to Petén by bus or plane, from anywhere in the country.


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Organization and management of events for corporate and institutional purposes

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Carmelita-Mirador Tour

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