Plan your trip

How to get there

By plane
It is the fastest way to get to Flores from Guatemala City. There are daily flights every morning and flights that return at the end of the afternoon. The flight time is 25 to 40 minutes.

When leaving the airport, right at the door you will find tour buses and taxis offering transportation services that can take you to your hotel or our visitor center in Flores.

By bus
You can also travel by bus, and opt for normal tourist services and first class.

It is recommended to travel at night, since the trip is 6-8 hours, so as not to lose the day on the road and arrive very early at Flores.

By car
If you prefer to travel on your own in your car, travel from Guatemala City to the Atlantic Highway to the East of Guatemala (by CA9). You will pass through El Progreso, Izabal (Río Dulce) and from there to the north, reaching Poptún Petén and then Flores. The road is clearly signposted.

We manage your arrival to Petén by bus or plane, from anywhere in the country.

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